—— Since the beginning of 2013 I have been posting photo-reports of my walks through the city of Tilburg. Tilburg is the city where I live, in the south of the Netherlands. I have seen a lot of this city by now. The emphasis of the photographs is on architecture and urbanism, but there is also a lot of nature to be seen. It is time to lay this project to rest. All photographs in this project (upto and including March 2015) can be accessed by choosing a year from the dropdown list under the Tilburg-button in the menu at the top of the page.
—— One of the first posts on this blog consisted of excerpts from a book I created about the period 1981/82 – 1993. During this period I tried to make it as a photographer/artist. After 1993 I embarked on new adventures. (You can also find the online version of the book through the Misc. menu.)
—— In 2009 and 2010 I photographed some architectural models for architects. (Also accessible through the Misc. menu, but it would probably take some time to locate them that way.)
—— In 2010 I visited Tokyo. A photo-report in 2 Parts can be accessed by clicking Tokyo in the menu.
—— Guidelines represent a recurring theme in my photography. Curious? Click Guidelines. (We are sooo organized down here.)
—— Some miscellaneous photographs, different years, different places, can be found under the Misc. menu.
—— Some texts on this blog may still be in Dutch. I started the blog in Dutch and only later decided I wanted it to be more international. Fortunately photography is a universal language, so hopefully you will enjoy all posts no matter what language the text is.
—— Because this is a free blog, WordPress sometimes shows advertisements to “help pay their bills”. For some reason they seem to find information about plastic surgery quite fitting for my blog (????). I apologize for your inconvenience.

Martin Heijne, March 2015

email: mahe100 at xs4all dot nl